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Payments with No Banks, CreditCards | FlexiPin

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  No Banks, Credit, Problems
South Africa
What is the FlexiPin?
FlexiPin is a flexible Trade Voucher. FlexiPin can be used to recharge your electricity meter, mobile phone or to buy goods or services.
  • Buy Electricity, Water, Gas
  • Get Airtime
  • Buy Online
  • Pay for Goods & Services
  • Send a Gift
  • Top up your eWallet
  • Recharge Your Meter
  • And More....
How it Works?
Get a FlexiPin at a store or your nearby vendor. FlexiPins have fixed denominations or can be loaded with any amount. Tell the retailer the value you want for your FlexiPin. Use FlexiPin to recharge your Electricity, Water, TV, eWallet. Use FlexiPin to Buy goods or services online. Use SMS, USSD or this website to redeem or make payments with your FlexiPin.

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Easy way to Pay or Get Paid
Flexible Denominations
Multi Currency
Recharge your Meter, eWallet, Phone, TV...
No need for Credit Cards or Bank Accounts
Private & Secure
FlexiPin Network
Opportunities sp
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